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Shotgun Sights, Tactical Response Gear

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Original Source: http://www.tacticalresponsegear.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=25_197

Tactical Shotgun Sights | eBay – Electronics, Cars, Fashion …

Find great deals on eBay for Tactical Shotgun Sights in Hunting Red Dot and Laser Scopes. Shop with confidence.

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XS Sights: Shotgun Ghost Ring Windage & Elevation

In this video, Bo Wallace of XS Sight Systems goes through a How-To tutorial on adjusting your ghost ring aperture for proper windage and elevation settings….


Phonebreaker asked Has anyone here used or own a Benelli Nova Tactical shotgun? If so what do you think?

Pump, comes with two stocks, normal & pistol Gripped, and multiple barrels.

Really only need info on this weapon, thanks. Yes I know other shotguns are sweeter or whatever.
Ok maybe I’ll ask there. I’ve used benelli m4’s before, yes they’re what the Corps uses, but I’ve never used one of the novas or this model.

And got the following answer:

Tom Knapp; 8 clays in 1.8 seconds. Jarhead, go to Benelli’s USA sight and you can see the great shooter throw 8 clay birds into the air and then shoot all 8 in 1.8 seconds. A great product with lots of good features like a buttersmooth action, various finishes and able to eject a chambered round without cycling rounds in the tube. It has options like the comfort-tech stock which really reduces recoil (Super Nova model). Not that I don’t think that you are tough, all marines are tough, it helps you shoot faster and more accurately. A good thing.Your fellow JH’s use the semi auto version the M1 and M4 variants. And yes, I have shot the tactical model. HOO RAAH!

asked How can I customize my Airsoft Gun?

I don’t mean like creating a totally new one from scratch, I mean like giving it a paint job or adding some cool and useful features to it. Any advice? By the way, its my first Airsoft gun. Its a Crossman Stinger Tactical Shotgun (if that helps) Thanks!

And got the following answer:

Put a scope or sight on it. PS- a scope would look kind of dumb on a stockless shotgun, but a sight or laser or flashlight would be sick!

Jailer Rose asked I want to qualify with a shotgun in academy, how should I be training now?

Hi! I’m not yet in Houston’s PD academy (it is a few months away), but I’ve been told I can qualify with a shotgun. I want to accomplish this. I’ve got little to no experience with shotguns, but I got a dvd that taught me a lot about what I should be looking at/how I should load/etc: (http://www.navyseals.com/store/detail.aspx?ID=172&Name=Tactical-Shotgun-for-Self-Defense-DVD)

Anyhow I have two questions about that. #1, how should I be training? I have access to a range near my house (indoor and outdoor varieties). I have no idea what they will want me to be capable of (grouping, distance, target acquisition, tactical clearing, or otherwise).

Secondly, I’m planning on getting a Remington 870 with a pistol grip, butt-stock, ghost-ring sights. Everything else I don’t feel I’ll really need to do well in qualifications. Anyone think I should be looking at a different model/setup?

Your input will be appreciated.

And got the following answer:

First off good luck in the academy. Do what they tell you to do, keep your head down, and when you get out on the street stay safe and just make sure you and your boys come home at the end of shift.. I’m sure you’ll be great.

To the question now. First off good with finding the range near your house. That was going to be my first tip. Secondly, if the Houston PD site has a contact page, go ahead and ask them what you can do to prepare and what the shotgun requirement is. Lastly, in regards to the 870, the only thing I would suggest is make sure the 870 is what they use. Besides that, just make sure the thing works. All the fancy nightsights and other shiny features they put on those things are fun to get more as a hobby. When it comes down to it, right now just worry about getting a basic gun. Once your in, it will only take a couple weeks to hear the run around on what weapons and such are good.

I dont feel like that was quite a great answer, but it’s the best I could do, and I figured anything could help.

Again, good luck, stay safe.

Daniel Puentes asked Which is the best shotgun for home defense?

I’m looking for a tactical shotgun. Please include the price and where I can buy one.

And got the following answer:

just to warn you, you do not want a “tactical shotgun” for home defence, you’ll instantly be marked as a prepared murderer by the police, prosecution and jury at the sight of the that gun(with a gun like that, you’re looking at criminal charges and civil suits for excessive force to murder charges)
what you want is a plain looking gun that’ll get the job done, nothing fancy or flashy that makes it looking menacing to anyone. I recommend something like a Mossberg Persuader 6 shot, Maverick 88 Security or a Remington 870 Express Synthetic with a 18″ barrel. these guns can be mistaken for range guns, hunting guns, gives you a definite reason to have the gun rather than simply for home defence since police will be looking for reason for arrest, they always do. I’m not paranoid, this is fact from many years of seeing unjust convictions on home owners simply protecting themselves, their family and their property.
PS: nuclear’s example will get you arrested for sure. police look for a good reason to suspect that your murdered the intruder instead of protecting your home, and the use of a gun that looks like it belongs in military hands is what’s going to give them good reason. Lana has it spot on.

o_c_ortwein asked Is it legal for a pump action shotgun to have duel pistol grips in NYS?

I’m looking for a home defense shotgun and have found several that I’m considering purchasing but I also plan to customize it drastically. I’m confused on the new laws and don’t want to get myself into trouble, so my main question is can I put front and rear grips on a pump action shotgun in NYS? And is there any accessories I should steer clear of to avoid legal issues?

And got the following answer:

I’m here in NYS…….. Home defense?…. Avoid any and all tactical nonsense for a home defense shotgun…… Get a plane jane short barrel shotgun and leave the regular stock on it….. If you ever had to use your “tacticalized” nonsense shotgun to defend your home and caused someones death there will be a grand jury hearing to determine if what you did was legal……… Do you really want the District Attorney holding up some assault shotgun looking thing up in front of a grand jury?….. Doesn’t matter if what you did was legal and justified – all you need is some lilly livered anti gun liberal in the jury to freak out at the sight or your dual pistol grip gun and your in hot water……… New York doesnt have a Castle Doctrine law like many states so your in a real gray area in using your gun to defend your home to begin with…..

You want a tactical shotgun?… Then buy and customize it – But what ever you do – don’t use this same gun when some goof is bashing thru your door….. Keep the plain jane boring one handy for that…….

zero216ca asked Can I shoot slugs out of my Benelli Super Nova tactical shotgun?

I recently bought a Benelli Super Nove tactical shotgun. It didn’t come with any chokes or accessories. I’m wondering if I’m able to shoot slugs out of it or if I need a different choke or even a different barrel to shoot slugs.

And got the following answer:

Tactical shotguns generally have a fixed cylinder choke- in other words, they have a straight-walled barrel that has no provision for choke tubes.

That being said, yes, you can shoot slugs from it. You can used rifled slugs. Their accuracy may not be particularly good, though. Go buy a few boxes and see how the gun operates.

Rather than buying a different barrel, though, you might as well just purchase a different shotgun if you want a slug gun. You can probably get a halfway decent single-shot slug gun for around $200, or even something like a Mossberg 500 slug gun for around $300-$350. The barrel for your Benelli, if you can even switch it out, would likely cost over $200.

For example:



The least expensive of those is over $200, with the ones bought from Benelli being $400 or more.

jgarzik asked What is the best shotgun for home defense?

There isn’t a good category for home defense, so I had to pick this one. Apologizes in advance.

I’m looking for recommendations on brand/model of shotgun for home defense. My skill with a pistol and rifle is intermediate, but I’m a complete beginner when it comes to shotguns.

And got the following answer:

Shotguns despite what you see in the movies and on TV are not a “point and shoot” firearm. They need to be aimed like any other longgun. Given that your primary use is home defense a 18-20″ bbl in cylinder bore will suit you fine.
12 ga vs 20 ga: You’ll have a greater choice of ammo in 12 gauge and more recoil than 20 gauge.
In pump guns the most common are the Remington 870 series, Mossburg 500/590 series and Winchester has it’s 1300 series.
Pro’s and cons.
Remington: Pro MANY aftermarket accessories, old fashion steel and wood firearm. Very duriable, Stock models often found cheap at Wal-Mart or in pawn shops. Cons hard to find and expensive in “police” or “tactical” configurations IE: extended tube magazine, Hi visiblity sights etc.
Mossburgs: 500 series inexpensive and often found as “kits” with short bbls and sporting lenght bbl’s (avoid pistol grips on all shotguns for lack of controlablity and aimed fire) 590 is ready to go with good sights and extended tube.
Cons: aftermarket goodies are less available and Mossburgs are somewhat less duriable than the other 2 brands if you are a high volume shooter.
Winchester 1300. Seems to me to be a easier gun to pump. Still can be found in a extended tube and high visiblity sight set up (defender model) for not much more than the stock Rem 870. Cons: Winchester has closed it’s American plant and this gun is I understand out of production. However it’s been around for years and they are still easy to find. Also the stock is some sort of plastic and doesn’t feel that durable to me.
All of these guns are good choices, you are limited by how much you want to spend.