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Man takes ‘homeless’ challenge

Shawn Mahone, Sr., rested against the wall of a downtown carryout store, letting Monday afternoon’s light rain slowly dampen his gray sweatsuit.

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Bedding: We’re All About Comfort | The Company Store

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Home Cameras A Boon For Busts

Less expensive home security systems are capturing more and more crimes on video, but are the cameras leading to more convictions? Alan Gionet asks the Good Question, "Are cameras cracking crimes?"

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Comcast opens new XFINITY Store in Bella Bottega Shopping Center

Comcast opened its new, 4,166-square-foot XFINITY Store in Redmond on Monday. The store — located at 8900 161st Ave. N.E., Suite 125, in the Bella Bottega Shopping Center — allows customers to explore, learn about and interact directly with the latest XFINITY products and services.

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Bedding: We’re All About Comfort | The Company Store

*Discount applies to new orders only, on The Company Store® items only, on merchandise total exclusive of tax and delivery charges. Discount is applied to the …

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Powermax plus DIY Installation – K9 85MCW Motion Detector – Home Security Store Freddie shows you how how to program an K9 85MCW Motion Detector to your Powermax Plus Security System. The Next K9-85 MCW i…


Gary asked What is a good home security camera system?

I am looking for an home security camera sytem that I could link with my tv on it’s own channel.

Any suggestions?
Trying to stay below $400, I could do any wiring myself. I live in South Florida so it gets to be around 90 degrees on average. Just a standard resolution in color. Night vision would be a big plus but not needed. If it could be directed to the video input on a receiver that could work also. Would want it to store recordings.

And got the following answer:

Analog, composite video? There are lots.

On its own channel? Some RF modulators can be expensive, especially if you want to select the channel. Easier if you just use one of the other video inputs that are not in use.

What is your budget?
What resolution are you looking for?
Will the video need to be recorded and stored? If yes, what surveillance DVR are you looking at?
Only one camera?
Is night vision required? If yes, how far does the camera need to see in darkness?
Does the camera need to be outdoor rated?
Does it snow where you live? If yes, you may need a housing with a heater unit.
Does it get REALLY hot where you live? If yes, you might need a housing with a cooling system.
Is the video signal to be wired or wireless?
Is there power available where you plan to install the camera?
Is the camera going to stay in one position or is pan/tilt/zoom control required?

You have not provided enough information for anyone to provide you a good recommendation.

urbanindustrial asked Do you need a phone line for a home security system?

Just curious, we have a little office space, but are using cell phones – haven’t hooked up a phone line. I want to get the “Mace Wireless Home Security System” from Walmart, but do I need a phone line for that to work? It dials numbers so I’m assuming it has to be connected to a phone line. Just wondering because I can’t buy it from the store, so I need to know ahead of time if I’m in for making another bill for phone service.

And got the following answer:

Some types of security systems you do need a phone line, like the one you want. Note that these systems almost always require a monthly fee & contract.

I would personally recommend a 4 Camera CCTV harddrive system as the specifications have recently gotten much more advanced, and they are extremely good value. You can get 4 NV cameras, cables and processor/harddrive unit for about $600, but you can find them for less.

I would alsrecommendnd PIR Halogen lights for outside, as they are very inexpensive.

If you are on a seriously tight budget I have seen extremelyRealisticc dome CCTV dummy cameras for about $2, but make sure that it has no flashing red light, as this is a dead give away to criminals; real security cameras never have flashing LEDs.

Hope that helps.

mpc_rod asked Where can I find an outdoor wireless home security system?

I am searching for a decent (not too cheap, not too fancy) wireless home security system to place outside my attached garage. I would like it to be completely wireless, including cameras, if possible. A monitor, preferably handheld. And weather resistant, including cold temperatures in the winter. The more info, the better!(brand, store, price) thanks in advance!!

And got the following answer:

Check This, Is a Free Home Security System !

Pam asked Where to find best home security Store in Houston?

Where to find best home security Store in Houston. TX?

And got the following answer:


or try the following sites:

Steve Smith S asked What information should I put on a sales flier i intend to distribute?

I am selling Home Security Systems this summer. The system is free with a monitoring contract agreement. I think that i have a quality product with a very reasonable price. $40.00 a month. I want for people to contact me to set up appointments. What information should i put on the fliers, such as “Free consultations”. and where should i distribute them.

And got the following answer:

The business you are working for should already have some material you can use.

These type of door to door flayers have a very low return rate. You won’t be successful if you put out flyer’s and wait, you need to be proactive and pitch your product face to face.

Try a neighborhood with new homes and new home owners.

I also suggest you learn about selling. here area few of my favorite resources,
“How to Master the Art of Selling Anything” Tom Hopkins Tapes or CD this is the most important.
Prospecting you way to sales success by Bill Good (book)
Try eBay for both of these items

Good Luck

guuuu r asked Where to get Best Home Alarm Systems and Home Security Systems in Buffalo?

Which is the best Shop to get buffalo home security systems and buffalo alarm systems .Need only the best ever.

And got the following answer: is a good online store that sells home security systems for low prices. They usually ship out the products from CA but they ship same day so the shipping is pretty fast. I would recommend purchasing their higher end items for better picture quality and easy to use software.
I’ve purchased a DVR kit a few months ago, and it has been working great so far!

ptotheizzoototheizza asked Can I add more components to a security system easily?

I already have a home security system and pay for a service. I would like to purchase some more sensors, etc. to make it a more robust system, but I don’t want to pay the service to come out and do it; as they cost a ton.

If so, do you know a place where I could purchase components?

And got the following answer:

There are a lot of on-line security stores like which sell systems and sensors. You can also get good deals on new and used equipment on eBay.

However, it probably won’t help you if you’re using a service–in order to program your system to handle additional sensors you’ll need the installer codes for your system, which your service won’t give you for obvious reasons–they want you to be stuck having to pay their exhorbitant prices for expansions and upgrades.

If you’re a skilled DIY type and you’re not under long-term contract, look into taking over your system (or installing a new control panel–your old sensors will still work) and using a third-party monitoring company like, which may be substantially cheaper than your service.