Turn Your Iphone Into A Networked Night Vision Scope

Google Play ‘night vision camera’ app will empty your wallet | PCWorld

Instead, the tool is marketed toward first responders and other professionals as a means of sending critical data quickly and cost efficiently. Other potential users include sportsmen, surveillance professionals and broadcasters. “This adapter really is a game changer,” said NightVisionExperts.com Director Stewart Firman. “By integrating their iPhones and night vision scopes, professionals in the field can take the individual situational awareness that they currently enjoy to the next level team-based shared awareness. For command and control, shared awareness supercharges their ability to plan, direct and control a networked emergency response.” Like anything night vision, the iPhone Adapter isn’t exactly cheap. It costs US$269, and that’s before you factor in the cost of the night vision scope or iPhone itself.
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The adapter can be used with several night vision and thermal imaging devices

Skeetir thermo monocular sights are manufactured by BAE Systems. In 2012 Army Special Operations Command inked a deal with BAE for $11 million. At the time the high-tech night vision sights were billed as revolutionary.
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JBLM Special Forces Soldier accused of trying to sell night-vision sights online – National Military Community | Examiner.com

But wait, theres more! The app will continue sending messages to the premium SMS service to the tune of about $50 per month. This doesnt mean you should abandon the Google Play store, or stop using Android. Every operating system and mobile platform has some issues, and depending on how you slice the data Android may actually be safer than others. The most important thing is that youre aware that mobile malware exists and that you dont grant permission to apps without considering why it may want access to certain functions.
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