Turn Your Iphone Into A Networked Night Vision Scope

Xeva – Night Vision from Xenics

Instead, the tool is marketed toward first responders and other professionals as a means of sending critical data quickly and cost efficiently. Other potential users include sportsmen, surveillance professionals and broadcasters. “This adapter really is a game changer,” said NightVisionExperts.com Director Stewart Firman. “By integrating their iPhones and night vision scopes, professionals in the field can take the individual situational awareness that they currently enjoy to the next level team-based shared awareness. For command and control, shared awareness supercharges their ability to plan, direct and control a networked emergency response.” Like anything night vision, the iPhone Adapter isn’t exactly cheap.
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Night Vision and Thermal Optics 2014 event shares breakthrough developments in I2, TI and IR Technology

The Xeva-1.7-320 is a SWIR camera that employs a 320×256 InGaAs FPA. The Xeva SWIR InGaAs camera interfaces to a PC via USB 2.0 or CameraLink. Run Time 0:20sec
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The adapter can be used with several night vision and thermal imaging devices

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Night Vision Goggle

www.nightvisionevent.co.uk/PR The conference, hosted by Defence IQ a division of global events company IQPC will provide senior military officers with an exclusive arena to discover the latest developments that are influencing the future capability plans for handheld night vision applications. It will explore key questions affecting the handheld I2 community; for example how to reduce SWAP demands and should sensors do more to help facilitate target acquisition? Is integration to a digital battle space the way forward in improving situational awareness, or does the added weight and technical demands negate the benefits it brings? Experts who will be sharing their operational experiences, breakthrough developments, requirements and future capability plans in I2, TI and IR technology, include: Colonel (rtd.) Steven Fisher, Marine Corps War fighting Lab Liaison Officer, First Marine Expeditionary Force, United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Woodburn, Infantry Weapons and Optics, Manoeuvre Branch, Fires and Manoeuvre Integration Division, United States Marine Corps Major Nick French, Infantry Trials and Development Unit, British Army Captain Coelho Candido, Regional and Local Commander in Lisbon, Capt.
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