Turn Your Iphone Into A Networked Night Vision Scope

The adapter can be used with several night vision and thermal imaging devices

The NViA slides onto the iPhone and connects with a variety of night vision and thermal imaging devices with a threaded mount. Once installed, the iPhone gives you a larger night vision display and allows you to record video and photos, zoom and adjust optic settings, geo-tag your footage, and send images to others. Outside of sheer novelty and awesomeness, I’d wager that the average Joe has little use for night vision and even less use for iPhone-integrated night vision. Instead, the tool is marketed toward first responders and other professionals as a means of sending critical data quickly and cost efficiently. Other potential users include sportsmen, surveillance professionals and broadcasters.
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Snooperscope adds night vision to smartphone cameras

And, to keep customer costs down, the in-house engineering staff is always looking for opportunities to re-host testing on the more flexible and cost effective Automated Test Systems, or ATS, platforms, according to Viola. “These ATS can be programmed to test components from any number of different EO/NV systems,” he said. “Tobyhanna has the highest concentration of highly skilled and well-trained high-tech electronics mechanics supported by one of the most robust engineering staffs in the Defense Department industrial base providing Tobyhanna the capability to adapt and support new electro optics and night vision systems,” Schroter said. The shop also maintains a ball grid array solder flow station, a new way of soldering components to a circuit board.
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Depot sustains military’s electro optics/night vision equipment

Now, a product called Snooperscope aims to bring similar technology to the masses through the use of smartphones and tablets. View all This isn’t the first time we’ve seen night vision for smartphones, as we’ve already covered the USNV Night Vision iPhone Adapter . The big difference between that and this new product is the size and the way it affixes itself to the mobile device. Snooperscope uses magnets to grip the back of the phone, and as such, it easy to remove. In addition to the magnets, Snooperscope also has a screw port on the bottom allowing it to be mounted on a tripod, on the dashboard of a car, and in other places. This opens up a lot of potential uses such as mounting it in front of a door for late night visitors. The reason the night vision scope is able to be used this way is because it connects to the iPhone or Android device using Wi-Fi.
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Ben Hansen & Night Optics USA to Host Skywatch at the International UFO Congress

Ben Hansen (credit: Night Optics USA)

The event will be hosted by Ben Hansen , star of the SyFy networks popular show Fact or Faked and will take place on February 14th at the 23rd annual International UFO Congress. Night Optics USA will be providing some of their latest military-grade technology for the watch. An assortment of goggles will be available for participants to try out, as well as scopes connected to monitors for viewing.
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Luna Optics LN-SM30 Night Vision…

The fresh and futuristic design fits comfortably in one hand with conveniently placed one touch controls to maximise ease of operation in total darkness. A measure of the thought that has gone into the design of the instrument is demonstrated by the fact that the LED indicators are situated on the top of the unit, eliminating unwanted glare that would affect the dark adapted vision of the user. 3x Magnification combined with the latest light transmission coatings on the 50mm objective lens provide vivid sharp images. This precision made night vision monocular is suitable for all types of after dark surveillance, whether you’re interested in wild life, security or just want to know what is going on around you in the dark. This unit is compact, lightweight (450g) and water resistant. It is easily adaptable to fit any SLR camera with LN-CAS camera adapter system and the appropriate ‘T’ ring for your make of SLR, this makes night time photography easy, turning your LN-SM30 into a night vision camera lens.
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