Turn Your Iphone Into A Networked Night Vision Scope

HD Vision Visor: The First Ever 2-in-1 Glare Reducing HD Visor – Yahoo Finance

Other potential users include sportsmen, surveillance professionals and broadcasters. “This adapter really is a game changer,” said NightVisionExperts.com Director Stewart Firman. “By integrating their iPhones and night vision scopes, professionals in the field can take the individual situational awareness that they currently enjoy to the next level team-based shared awareness. For command and control, shared awareness supercharges their ability to plan, direct and control a networked emergency response.” Like anything night vision, the iPhone Adapter isn’t exactly cheap. It costs US$269, and that’s before you factor in the cost of the night vision scope or iPhone itself. It’s currently offered free with the purchase of specific night vision goggles and scopes, but both of those cost more than $3,500. That might not be bad if you rely on night vision for your profession, but it’s a little prohibitive for the hobbyist that just thinks it’d be cool to watch night vision on his iPhone …
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Google Play ‘night vision camera’ app will empty your wallet | PCWorld

That isnt always the case, though, as AVAST claims to have discovered an app in the Google Play app store designed to steal your money. The app is called Camara Vision Nocturnawhich is Spanish for night vision camera and the name seems ironically apropos for an app engineered to rob you blind. As I write this, its still available for download. If you download this night vision camera app it will cost you. On the Google Play site, the app description reads: Want to make the most original photos when out at night without having to use the flash? Or you love to take pictures of your neighbor while changing?
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Contact Lenses With Night Vision Coming To Troops?

The HD Vision reduces glare and turns your night vision into high definition sight, while also enhancing color, clarity and contrast. With just a flip of the lens, the optical quality lenses enhance your view of the road. The day visor reduces sun glare, without blocking your view of the road, while the amber night visor helps reduce road glare, stars, and halos around street lamps and headlights. Quick and easy to installthe HD Vision Visor simply clips onto your existing visor in seconds!
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The adapter can be used with several night vision and thermal imaging devices

When youre using night vision goggles, if you get whited out, you can just flip them up. Contact lenses wouldnt be able to do that. Not to mention, not everyone can use contact lenses. I personally cant. Imagine being in a desert with sandstorms and trying to put a $10,000 contact lens in your eye. Can anyone really do that safely? Michael Faltesek, US Air Force airman, said, One risk is if you couldnt flip it off fast enough in case of light blindness from objects. Kevin Buryn, US Air Force airman, added, It could be an issue for pilots I think, but for service men and women on the ground I would say the benefits of contact lenses outweigh the risk in that regard. As long as you could quickly and easily turn it on and off some people would use it, Arthur J Raymond III, US Infantry Marine, said. Contact lenses are their own trouble though.
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