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MPShoot asked Can a Remington Nylon 66 GS .22 short have modern accessories attached to it without having mechanical problem?

Can gunsmiths do this? Attach all these:

Modern Picatinny rails
Vertical forward grip with bipod
Sniper scope
Red-dot laser sight

But not have any mechanical problems once shot?

And got the following answer:

I have to give you some advice. The Remington Nylon 66 was one of my favorite rifles. It was well a head of its time in design and was the first use of the plastic molded stocks. There were just over 1 million made until around 1991. In good condition these rifles are worth $250.00, with some models costing more.

Your particular rifle is the gallery version and there were only 17,000 made, which makes it rare. I have seen them for sale for $400.00, which would buy you a couple of Ruger 10/22’s that you can add all kinds of stuff to. One of the things that slowed the sales of the Nylon 66 was the fact it was not made to adapt to a “military/tactical” looking toy. You would best serve the collectors world by selling your Nylon 66 and buying a .22 made for the modification you desire. You would be devaluing a fine rifle by having a gunsmith tamper with it to make modifications. Good luck and be safe.

ttpawpaw asked What is the best plinking rifle and why?

I want to get into shooting for fun. What would be a good starter rifle. I can’t go real expensive, this a poor mans hobby.

And got the following answer:

You can’t go wrong with the Ruger 10/22 , it’s a very nice .22 at a great price. Bushnell makes a nice 3-9×32 .22 rimfire scope for around $35-$40. They make a great combination. Eagle 30 round clips will save you from having to reload as often. You can buy the Eagle clips for $8 on gunbroker, this is less than the cost of spare Ruger 10 round clips.

Dick’s Sporting Goods sells the 10/22 for $169.99(on sale) to see if there is one in your area.

site to check out firearms

If you live in the city and don’t have access to a range. A high quality precision air rifle could be an answer for you. A rifle like the RWS model 34 can be purchased for under $150, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Air rifles can be fired inside with the use of an inexpensive pellet trap. Air rifles make very little noise so you will not shock the neighbors. A couple of sites to check out air guns. In the same way that the .22 LR is your best bet in a plinker rifle the .177 is the way to go with air guns. >for history and info – sales – sales

asked Why is there such a big price difference between a remington 770 and a 700?

Is the 770 less acurate? More prone to breakage? I’m looking for a basic bolt action rifle in .308 or 7mm08. I’m just trying to find out why the 700 cost at least twice as much.

And got the following answer:

The 770 is an entry level gun with a cheap scope,poor quality stock,poor bolt cycling,poor trigger response and the receiver/barrel are press fit together. I can not recommend the 770 at all considering there are the Marlin XS-7 and some Savage rifles sold as a combo at WalMart for same or not much more.Even at prices near $325 the 770 is throwing good money away.
The Model 700 is the standard Remington for the last almost 50 years,and Cabela’s sells ADLs for about $450 with a usable Cabela scope.You can easily spend a lot of money on specific 700s,but to me if you are spending closer to $500-$550 you look at the Tika T-3,TC Venture,Weatherby Vanguard or other rifles on sale. I recently saw Browning A-Bolts on sale locally for $500. I own two A-Bolts and they are a good benchmark to compare to. I grew up with a Rem 725 BDL custom,so a 700 isn’t something I’d purchase for my use,especially with CZ,Sako,Ruger and others making a better rifle.
Bargain wise,the Marlin beats out the Mossberg ATR,a very clumsy gun,but both have a trigger system similar to the Savage Accu-Trigger. I’ve seen the Savage package for less than $400 at Wally World,can’t fault them for accuracy,but I don’t like rear lock bolts on ugly guns.
7mm-08 and 308 are fine cartridges,even for elk and moose,

Jess asked I would Like to purchase a spring loaded air rifle any suggestions?

I would like to buy a spring loaded air rifle with a sniper scope. im on a budget of £300.00 or $600. I know about all the laws and you have to get a license but could any one suggest a good range and accurate air rifle for my budget?

And got the following answer:

You can get a great air rifle for $600

These are great rifles for hunting, but you could certainly use them for targets.
Air Arms TX200
Beeman R1(AKA Weihrauch HW80)
RWS 350 Magnum

If you’re looking strictly for a target or “Field Target” rifle.
RWS 54

The Webley & Scott “Patriot” is one of the best air rifles ever made. “IF” you can find one of the ones made in the UK, do not buy one of the new ones made in Turkey. I’m sure you can find one, either at a club** or online(yes, I know you have to buy the rifle face to face, I’m saying the rifle is advertised online)

**Airgunners are always looking to move up..A well made “used” springer that has been cared for, is actually better than a new one. Since they tend to wear in, not wear out. >Serious airgunners “generally” take great care of their rifles< UK Airgun sales