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Their true story could make a terrific movie, and a long-awaited, unpromisingly expurgated, version may yet shoot this year, Ben Whishaw as Freddie replacing the once-attached Sasha Baron Cohen. But We Will Rock You instead creates a faux-dystopian framing story in which to shoehorn a compendium of their hits, infelicitously arranged and reprocessed to fit the confining musical contours of a stage extravaganza. On record, even the best songs played richest in the context of their original album configurations, the singles anthologies hemorrhaging the sense of vision that gave the band its unique stamp. Ineffably redolent of its 1970s arena-glam era, their work is here misappropriated to stand for a generic embodiment of the impulse to rock out, as if their catalog were somehow the essence of a reductive simplification of rock n roll. Corporate manufactured music now exclusively occupies the ears of a brainwashed iEarth rigorously thought-controlled by a monopolistic multinational, while the few deviant rebels, the Bohemians, worship dimly understood fragments of ancient rock texts from Elvis through Springsteen and Michael Jackson toBritney and Katy Perry (!). Like clueless archeologists, these righteous misfits parse phrases withfundmentalist literalism, from blue suede shoes to hit me baby one more time, observing a religious faith in the power of rebellion through iconic self-expression and the quest for a functioning musical instrument, supposedly extinct on the planet. They find their prospective saviors in two escaped refugees from brainwashing detention: stolid and square Galileo (Brian Justin Crum), who hears voices and sounds in his head, channeling lyrics and tunes from rocks past, and the free-thinking fashion criminal Scaramouche (Ruby Lewis), whose spiky defensiveness equips her to evolve into the guitar hero behind Galileos melismatic, ersatz-gospel vocals. These feebly fanciful tropes do make for some sincere giggles of fond recognition, though they have little to do with the essence of Queens music.
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Boxing News | Bryant Jennings: My light switch is never off


“I think other veterans just need to be more active,” said Murray.”I noticed I didn’t see too many out here but when you hear about things, you need to just come out and see what’s going on.” Washington says this cause was also close to his heart. “I am a Vietnam vet myself, Purple Heart,” said Washington. Both vets agree this project is just another small step in repaying our debts to those who fought for our freedoms. “It’s just good to help people who have helped serve the country,” said Murray.
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There is one thing that all successful cities share, Mason said. At their heart is a town center: a convenient location where the community can come together for special events, fun activities, and even solemn occasions. This is where a community makes memories together. Because of that, Mason said developing a mixed-use town center is the top priority for the city.
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That’s enough for all three groups, plus the theater company, to be continuing the discussions. Jerry Kern , who runs the orchestra, by far the largest player of the three, said his organization is keeping an open mind. So is the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, which gives money to cultural interests in the city.
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Im so glad I took all those ass-whippings from my Mom, before I came out and took a huge ass-whipping from the world. I didnt listen to my Mom because I always thought I knew. Im an adult now. Theres nothing more important to an adult than having your own mind, having your own theories, your own everything.
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