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Home – Honeywell Security Group

Honeywell Security – electronic security systems, burglar alarm systems and fire alarms for residential homes and commercial businesses worldwide.

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idiotninja asked What is a good wireless security system for a house?

I only need one or two cameras. Nothing too expensive.
I am looking for security cameras.

And got the following answer:

There are a couple reviews for wireless security

Amber S. asked Laptop thats $500 or lower that will last a while and works well?

I really want a laptop for Christmas. Looking up computers and reading their reviews does help some, but I’d also like some personal opinions. Can you please list the full name of the laptop (brand name, type, etc.)

Thank you so much.

And got the following answer:

I have big experience with building lop top over the internet this one is the best configuration that i can find so far and it is close to your budget …

Date 12/8/2007 11:23:41 AM Central Standard Time
Catalog Number 4 Retail 04
Catalog Number / Description Product Code SKU Id
Vostro 1400:
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T5270 (1.4GHz/800Mhz FSB/2MB cache) 527014 [223-4452] 1
Operating System:
Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition, SP2 XPH232E [420-7291][420-7611][420-7658] 11
LCD Panel:
14.1 inch Wide Screen XGA LCD Display 14XGA [320-5564] 2
1GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz, 2 DIMM 1GB2D [311-7285] 3
Hard Drive:
160GB 5400RPM Hard Drive 160G54K [341-4904] 8
Optical Drive:
8X CD/DVD Burner w/ double-layer DVD+R write capability 8XDVD [313-5521] 16
Video Cards:
Intel® Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 INTVID [320-5562] 6
Dell Exclusive MediaDirect™ Instant Play Software Application MEDRCT [412-0995] 23
Wireless Networking Cards:
Dell Wireless 1390 802.11g Wi-Fi Mini Card TM1390 [430-2445] 19
No Camera NCAMERA [320-5567] 21
Sound Card:
Integrated High Definition Audio IS [313-4783] 17
Windows XP™ WXP [310-8624] 750
Integrated NIC and Modem:
Integrated 10/100 Network Card and Modem INTNIC [430-0493] 13
Processor Branding:
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor IC2DNB [310-8319] 749
Primary Battery:
85 WHr 9-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery 85W9C [312-0557] 27
Productivity Software:
Microsoft® Works 8.5 Does NOT Include MS Word WKSPLUS [420-7323] 22
Anti-Virus/Security Suite (Pre-Install):
No Pre-installed Anti-Virus/Security Software NOPRTCT [410-0997] 25
Adobe Software:
Adobe® Acrobat® Reader ADOBE [410-1100] 15
No Media Software NOSW [420-7297] 38
Limited Warranty, Services and Support:
1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty with Mail-in Service T111YRR [983-3920][983-4130][987-6829][987-7047] 29
Dell DataSafe Online Data Backup:
10GB for 1 Year Online Data Backup by Dell DataSafe DASP10G [420-7708][987-7479] 34
Automated PC Tuneup:
1 Year Dell Automated PC Tuneup PCTUNE [420-7659][960-8851] 35
Network Assistant:
Dell Network Assistant NWA12MO [420-7189] 47
Installation Services:
No Onsite System Setup NOINSTL [900-9987] 32
Purchase Intent:
Purchase is not intended for resale. NOT4SEL [462-4506] 138

and this is the link if you wanna buy this lop top :http://ecomm.dell.com/dellstore/basket.aspx?c=us&cs=04&l=en&s=bsd&itemtype=CFG&oid=a685a8ba-f71b-4139-9e75-3b09237401e5

snailysnal asked Where can I find an affordable surveliance camera suitable for a gas station?

I am looking for a security camera for my gas station. Something afforadable and reliable. THANK YOU

And got the following answer:

If you want a wired solution you can visit www.frys.com and they have some affordable systems. If running wires might be a problem, look into a wireless system.

Used to use D-Link wireless for our medical office clients, and the only requirement is a power source. You can sometimes tap into the 110v for a power outlet using the fluorescent/incandescent lamps source. Just make sure the wireless camera is a few feet away from lamp to prevent EMI issues.

The advantage is that the signal can be viewed by your office PC, no special monitor or other equipment necessary (except wireless access point $40+). If you want to record the signal for review later you can use an external or additional internal 100G hard drive. This will give a single camera about 7-days worth of footage, including audio.

As I am not aware of your area, you may have to look into a weatherproof housing for the camera, unless you can be certain the area it’s mounted in will not be affected by rain, etc.

Look at the DCS-3420 wireless camera which offers both day and nite viewing (if the station closes at nite). http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=510

A lower cost solution is a DCS-5220, which has pan/tilt/zoom and can be controlled remotely. http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=546 This model was our favorite as it allowed a web based interface which could be accessed by the office managers or doctors to view what is going on in their offices.

D-Link cameras come with software for the PC free of charge, and allow multiple cameras to be viewed at the same time. Axis is another company offering similar products, but charges extra for software licenses beyond the initial license. Be careful when selecting a computer based camera system. Overall they are better, uses current PC in office, and most have remote access cabilities allowing you to view the feed from a remote location.

Annie Dow asked Is Samsung Wireless Video Security Monitoring System useful ?

Samsung Wireless Video Security Monitoring System review from customers shows that this product is good. But before going to buy this, I would like to know whether this security monitoring system really useful or not. Where Can I buy this best price online ?

Expecting your valuable information in this regard.

Thanks in Advance

And got the following answer:

Hi Dear,

The Samsung wireless video monitor system is newly released and this one of the best baby monitor system available today. It is packed with so many good features. Some of them are night vision capability, digital zoom, color LCD screen, interference free reception, two way talk, remote monitoring from anywhere in the world, viewing the camera on your television, temperature senor and alarm, remote activated night light and remote music activation and so many. To know more about this system visit Amazon.com where you can buy Samsung wireless video monitor system best price online.

US buyers Visit : http://amzn.to/samsung-baby-monitor

UK buyers visit : http://amzn.to/samsung-baby-monitor-UK

Best wishes.

Daniel asked if I move to a rental home that doesn’t have a security system can I cancel my ADT contract?

I am selling my home and moving into a rental that doesn’t have a preexisting security system. Can I cancel my contract with ADT because of this?

And got the following answer:

Great question. First, the ADT contract: depends where you are ion the contract terms. There is usually an initial term of three years, followed by a renewal period (and that varies by state, and by when you bought the system, and even by whether you bought it from ADT directly, or one of their authorized dealers). The contract will tell you exactly what the timing is, and the penalty for early termination. Companies like ADT discount the upfront cost (and lose money), which they make back over time from the monthly fee. If you stop paying the monthly fee, they are possibly not even breaking even on the relationship – and they do not like that. They may be willing to work with you, so it pays to try. As for as getting a system from ADT for your rental, that will be a tough one. But again, it pays to ask. They may be willing to set you up in the rental, but from what I hear, it’s a stretch.

In the past, there were few choices for renters, since most alarm companies did not want to deal with them. Now there are 100% wireless systems, which means not just the sensors (and landlords like wireless sensors!) but also wireless communications. That means cellular monitoring, the only truly safe way to go, and with so many folks going cell only, it’s the solution for the future. It also means you can move it with you from apartment to apartment, or to a house.

You may decide you still want a system, even though renting. If you had a system before, and are used to it, that may mean it’s part of your peace of mind.So, you may be shopping, and looking into the few companies that can serve renters. There are a lot of things to consider in a new system: first, is the equipment listed by Underwriters Laboratories listed, and CP-01 compliant? Many states require these levels of approval, and there are recent entries into the alarm industry that are not “real” alarm companies – they just provide equipment and service – and you hope they are the real deal. Another way to tell is the cellular network they use: you want GSM (the same network platform used by AT&T and T-Mobile for coverage and reliability). frankly, I would be worried about any “one-off” networks.

Another point is licensing – and this is a good way to tell the newcomers from the bad guys. Make sure the company you choose is licensed in your state and local jurisdiction, as required. The real alarm companies spend the time and money to become and remain compliant, and that says a lot.

Then comes interactive features. You probably want the best, like the features sold by Alarm.com through a network of dealers. Alarm.com really invented this arena, and they remain ahead of the others by a wide margin. Services now include not just the notifications, but apps for iPhone, B’berry, and even Droid, full video with wireless cameras, and even appliance control with Z-Wave. In other words, the real deal.

You also want a full-featured system, so that you can add devices any time, from the complete array of wireless sensors out there. GE has the most complete line – and be sure you get a wireless monitored smoke/heat sensor with your system. Our company recommends at least one with every system, and it does not add to the monthly fee.

Last is reviews. you want to look hard on-line for reviews of the various companies you consider, and there should be lots of good reviews (and few if any bad ones). Look at the level of enthusiasm and specific references to things people like – are you looking for the same things!

So, as you can see, lots to think about, but worth the time. Good luck to you!