Xeva – Night Vision From Xenics

The Xeva-1.7-320 is a SWIR camera that employs a 320×256 InGaAs FPA. The Xeva SWIR InGaAs camera interfaces to a PC via USB 2.0 or CameraLink. Run Time 0:20sec
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Whether you drive on crowded city streets or quiet country roads, PathFindIR II installs easily in cars, trucks, and industrial vehicles of every kind. PathFindIR IIs thermal night vision gives you the power to see pedestrians, cyclists, animals, and other road hazards that are in or approaching the road from either side by detecting the heat signature of everything in its field of vision. PathFindIR II can detect and alert you to these hazards up to four times farther away than youll be able to see them with your vehicles headlights, and PathFindIR II cant get blinded by the lights of oncoming vehicles. Building on the revolutionary success of the original PathFindIR, the PathFindIR II adds a unique pedestrian detection feature that can be configured to automatically display alarms that alert you when the system detects a person nearing or crossing your vehicles path. This is the same FLIR thermal imaging technology used by Mercedes, Audi, and BMW in select models to keep the drivers and passengers in their cars safer than ever before. After all, when you can see ahead, you can think ahead, and react in time. About FLIR Systems FLIR Systems, Inc.
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